Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stubborn Customer

I've been working in the call center industry for more than 2 years now from different call centers and contrary to what people say, working here isn't easy. This job will certainly test your patience and the stress brought by your stubborn customers will definitely take the zip out of your life at the end of your shift. I have spoken to different types of people and despite the length of my experience in customer service, there are still customers who never failed to make me utter the crassest words stacked in the recesses of my brain. The trite expression "you can't please all people" holds true in our jobs. And this customer I had earlier made me curse to death.

The customer wanted to add a hyperlink in his webmail account. However, that is not possible as there is no way to add hypelinks in his free web-based email. With all the empathy, positive scripting and what have you in the call center world, I told him about it. The customer did not buy what I said and demanded a supervisor. "I want to speak to your supervisor and I want this problem fixed right now" were his exact words. There were no supervisors visible that time and if there was one, I'm certain he wouldn't accept it as this issue is not really escalatable anyway.

With all the mettle I could muster, I typed this. "Sir, I understand you want to add hyperlinks in your email, however, that's not possible as there is no option to add hyperlinks in your web-based email. There is nothing to fix because there is no problem at all. The feature you are asking is simply not available. Understand that."

And then viola, "the user left and abandoned the chat page" message showed up. Mr. Stubborn closed our chat session.

This world is really peppered with snotty jerks. They are stubborn, insufferable, irrational people who always want to get their way.


Ely said...

chat support to? It's hard to deal with people who asks for the impossible, then demands to speak to a supervisor. Sorry na lang sila, pag ako kausap, walang supervisor! Nakikipagtaasan ako ng boses and i'd often say "NO!" as in capital N-O! when they ask for a supervisor. hehe..

chres said...

Hi Ely : ). Yes, chat supoprt na ako ngayon. Napagod na kasi ako sa voice eh. I'm happy with this job because it's less stressful and not tiring at all.